The best features of the best Online Casino Slots

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There are several online casinos now available which come with plenty of options and features that can help an individual have better chances of using a particular online casino for gambling. Of the many features that are available in online casino’s, following are the best ones:

Money wheels

Another very popular feature of the online casino slots are the money wheels. This is also a kind of bonus that is played online in the games. This feature can result in great amount of cash winning by the player. The player can win huge amounts of cash, jackpots, free spins or even cash multipliers in the game. The player can also win bonus coins. The money wheels come into play and are triggered at random. In this feature, it is very easy for the player to play. They only have to spin the wheel and based on where the wheel stops the player wins a bonus or a jackpot. This is the simplest way for playeers to win a cash or bonus in online slot casinos.


Symbols of Wild

A lot of online slots now come with the features called wild. These are special features in the slot. These wild symbols are important as they can act as a substitute for several other symbols. These wilds come in different sizes and shapes. There are different types of wilds available. There are frozen wilds that stick to the slot wheel for a defined number of spins. There are wilds that move across the wheel. There are random wilds. There are group wilds that come in stacks. There are wilds that expand to cover the entire reels. Thus this feature of having different kinds of wilds is very important in an online casino slot.

Free spins

As the name suggests, the feature of free spins means that the players who are playing the game are given a few free slot spins so that they can try their luck, get used to the game or as a prize for winning. These free spins may further be different kinds of spins again such as the multipliers, wilds etc. in this feature the player gets bonus coins or extra wins to carry the game further. the player may also get extra added features as a part of free spins. Every online slot provides different number of spins and different number of ways by which a player can win these free spins.

Bonus and Scatter

The scatter icons in a game are counted anywhere on the reels. The bonus icons are counted on the specific reels. They are a part of the bonus in the slot.

Bonuses through click and win

It is said that the click and win bonuses are very boring to play and are also a very common form of bonus in online slot gaming. In this type of an online slot bonus, the players should pick one object from the many objects that are displayed on the game screen. Based on the object that they pick up, the players can instantly win some cash prizes or coins to play further or multipliers or even jackpots. But these slot bonuses are found to be boring by the players and hence are not readily used or accepted by the players.


As the name suggests, autoplay implies that there is somewhere a button in the online casino slot choosing which the system automatically plays for the user and simply displays the results of the game to the user and keeps proceeding until a defined bet in a slot.

Instant win games

This is a feature that is also found in several online slot casino games. In this type of a feature, the player does not have to do much by himself / herself. This feature is that of a pre determined game wherein the user plays it in the form of a penalty shoot out and can instantly win cash prizes if he wins or plays well in the instant play games. In some online casino slots, instant play wins are by way of board games wherein players can pick prizes from the online board games based on the win.

The Avalanche feature

There are slots that come in the form of cascading reels. This feature means that after every spin that the player wins, the icons that made him/her win are removed from the reels and new icons replace them. Thus it becomes a high possibility for the player to win again and again, it increases the chance of wins for the player. In a single bet the player can win multiple times. There are very few online slots that have this feature of Avalanche.

Bonus Games

Almost all online casino slots have the feature of bonus games. These bonus games are unlocked online when various combination games are played on the reel slots. Wheel of fortune is one such example of a bonus game wherein based on where your slot lands you get to play additional turns in the game. These bonus games are hugely popular and help the online casino slot gamers to make the players stick to their online games. Bonus games are all based on the luck and there is practically no logic to play these games.


There is a feature in the slot called the multipliers. These are also a bonus feature. In this feature, when you win a slot, the winning can be multiplied by a particular amount.

Return To Player

This is a very important slot machine feature. In this feature the online slot gaming will show you the wins and losses that other players who have had when playing the game and accordingly help you decide which online slot game to play. Usually the ones which have lesser winner will offer you a larger prize for winning and vice versa.

Thus it can be seen that there are many online slot casino games that are available and every game has a number of features that a player can pick from. All you need to do is perform a thorough research on as to what sort of a game you are looking to play and how much you can afford to play and win. Always explore the features of the slot games and choose the best one for yourself to win!