Different types of online Slots Machines

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Slot machines are also known as one armed bandit, these are casino’s gambling machines which are operated by one lever on its side, it spins when the lever is pulled. It is the loudest and attractive machines with colorful themes in it in casinos. It is a machine with three or more reels which spins when the lever is pulled. Slot machines have currency detectors in it which check the currency inserted in it and pays off accordingly once the spinning stops and the player win the slot. These machines also give chance to play jackpots if played well. The slot machines were originated in late 1800s by sittman and pitt In US, it was designed in such a way that the player would insert some amount in the machine and pull the lever and if he win the slot gets paid off with some gifts like free beer, restaurant passes, etc.


Now because people are busy with their work and hardly get time to spend time with family so sparing time for going to casino is next to impossible. Because of busy schedule yet having interest in casino people started adapting online casinos. Online casinos are those casinos where you can play the games anywhere, anytime of the day be it day or night using your internet connection on your mobile phone or on desktop. You just have to download a reliable online casino app and get registered and start playing games from various options available.

One of the games out of the lot is slot. It is most attractive game with colorful themes on online casino exactly the way it is in land based casino. So who so ever love to play on slot machines and do not get time to visit a casino then they may have that same fun on online casino. The only difference is you will not pull the lever to spin manual, here you have to do it over your screen. Considering the number of players increased massively so do player’s interest in the game from 3 reel spin to 5 reels and multiplayer games. As the technology improving, providers always look for new ways to entertain their players. The types of Slot games available on online casino

  1. 3 Reel Slots: these are the classic slots, these are the simplest and gentle game introduced to the world by casinos even on online, 3 reels slot is easy to understand and play. The player has to bet first and spin the wheel. When the spin stops and symbols match the pay line that means player won the game. Players initially start playing the game on 3 reel slots first and as they get experience, they move on to the complicated versions of the game.
  2. 5 reel slots: these are the little more elaborated form of slots, this gives much more appealing combinations and players get more chance to win the game. Because of extra reels the pay line are also multiple and the paytable is much more detailed. To have more chance to win 5 reel slots have features like wild and scatter symbol. Betting in this case is a bit more complex.
  3. 3D Slots: You cannot only see 3Ds in movies however it is now available on games as well. It is the newest version of slot available, the way of playing game is exactly the same however you will witness the 3D animated characters interacting with players during the game. These games have more tales like feel and every 3D slot offers a different tale. It has a combination of new exciting addition, different themes and attractive audio effects. It gives wow feeling effect to players especially who are experienced players.
  4. I-Slots: Love to develop a story? Go for these the interactive slots. Spin various combinations of reels or be a part of the advance adventure game. A player gets immense chance to earn bonus.
  5. Feature Sots: This is a slot where players get special features such as extra spin and bonuses which gets unblocked through wilds and scatters which are just like wildcards through which a player can get more chance to win on spins. Feature slots helps in increasing the crowd on online casinos with extra offerings to its players.
  6. Progressive Jackpots: Usually all the slot games have jackpots in it; however in progressive jackpot if a player is palying irrespective of how and where in the world using wherever type of casino is playing for progressively increasing jackpot. Every time whenever player playing a game the jackpot increases. Once the jackpot is played and won, then gets over and starts once again in the same progressive way, number of games you play chance to win jackpot will increase. These games provide huge payouts to players.
  7. Fruit Machines: This is another kind of slot machine where the player gets a chance to holds the spin or pushes the reel to give themselves a benefit to win the game. Once the player holds a spin he gets the chance to spin the same in the next round.

To Sum it up three reel slots are the basic and foundation of slot machines, Slot contains number of symbols and if symbols line up that means the player won the game. Five reel slots are popular because it creates excitement in the players, 3 D slots makes players have the chance to keep having fun along by conversing with animated character while playing a game. Features and progressive slot machines help players to have more chance to win the game constantly. In short players have immense chance to choose any of the slot machines of their choice and play according to their interests. There are many chances to win or double your amount being at home or at your office when you are free and does not wish to go out and play on land based casinos.

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